Child Protection Policy

7 February 2018

Last update: 07/02/2018

CESIE affirms its belief in the right of all children to be protected from all forms of abuse, neglect, exploitation and violence, as set out in the 1989 UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

CESIE manages the prevention of child abuse very seriously and in a proactive manner, implementing a Child Protection Plan that covers all stages of its work.

In screening and hiring process, CESIE maintains a system of application and selection in which all the information about the candidate are controlled, through: the application form (that includes questions regarding past work history, volunteer experience and education), criminal background and Social Security checks (renewed if the staff member has been away from CESIE for more than 90 days), reference checks (a minimum of three, by verbal contact, including previous employers, even in case of prior child-related volunteer experiences), interviews (by at least two separate staff members) and other possible web searches.

Staff members/volunteers sign a copy of the Code of Conduct prior to performing any work duties and annually thereafter and everyone have a personal copy of it. A special article about Child Protection is part of the code of conduct.

All staff members must participate within their first 30 days in a comprehensive child abuse prevention training that includes information on sexual abusers, prevention, recognition, responding, documenting, and reporting.

All staff is constantly supervised through day-to-day interaction, visits, regular audits and performance reviews and instructed to report anything they notice regarding a gap between protocols and practices.

With regard to the partners, their selection takes into account the child protection history of the partner organization through a reference check on its previous history related to child protection and its policies towards children. CESIE takes serious actions towards any partner convicted for child abuse during implementing its projects.

Child Protection policy