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21 September 2016

Mobility learning experiences have proven to be one of the most effective sources for acquiring transversal and technical competences and an effective way to promote the lifelong learning approach.

CESIE’s actions are thus based upon a long-term approach and focus on inclusion, active participation, employability and entrepreneurship.

Erasmus+ ‘KA1 mobility’ courses are a great opportunity for You and your team (youth, staff working in adult education, Vocational Training and Education, Schools and Higher Education Institutions) to learn and share European professional knowledge and experiences.

Our courses are designed to meet participants’ professional needs and wishes so as to provide tools and methods on formal and non-formal learning approaches – through innovative and sustainable education and training activities.

Follow 5 steps to be on board at CESIE!

  1. Choose the course you are the most interested in and contact
  2. Contact your National Agency*
  3. Come to Palermo and be welcomed by CESIE
  4. Live The Learning Experience
  5. Employ your European Certification in the labour market

Please note, KA1 – Learning Mobility actions are managed by the National Agencies.

Get in contact with yours to know about the specific requirements Full list of Erasmus+ National Agencies

Our Learning Offers and related learning objectives:

Duration: between 5 days and 2 months
Venue: Palermo, Sicily

Project Management
Institutional Communication and ICT
Capacity Building
Intercultural and Intergenerational learning in Adult Education
Non-formal education
Special Needs
Social inclusion and integration
Active Ageing
Responsible Tourism, Hotel Industry and Food Service
First Aid

Other sector, other learning needs?

We design customised training and hosting opportunities, feel free to express your expectations!

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Rita Quisillo

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