Within the Virtual Vocational Education and Training – VIRTUS project, an online learning platform has been developed. The platform contains two courses: one on Tourism and hospitality Services and another one on Social Entrepreneurship.

Both courses consist of 5 modules, 4 of them are about the sector in general, and the 5th one  is more specific, since it refers to the national/regional context. Below the detailed list of modules for each course.

Tourism and hospitality Services:

  • Module 1: Main functions of tourism enterprises
  • Module 2: Digital Marketing Techniques for tourism enterprises
  • Module 3: Basic principles of Quality Client/Hospitality services
  • Module 4: Client Complaint/Feedback Management

Social Entrepreneurship:

  • Module 1: Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship
  • Module 2: Producing Social Value: Identifying a Social Business Opportunity
  • Module 3: Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Module 4: Social development
  • Module 5: Good practice development

The courses are in Italian, they are free of charge and open to anyone who wants to participate, but you need to register by sending an email to Irene Pizzo (irene.pizzo@cesie.org) as soon as possible.

The duration of the whole course is estimated for a total of 20 hours. After the courses, participants will be asked to fill in an evaluation questionnaire in order to evaluate and improve the courses themselves.

Moreover, the participants will get the ECVET certification, which is valid at European level.

In order to get the certification, the participants  will carry out an examination through the ECQA online platform, the project certification body. However, those who are not interested in receiving the ECVET certification can only apply for the participation attendance after having completed the evaluation questionnaire.

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For further information or to enrol to the courses please contact: Irene Pizzo irene.pizzo@cesie.org.