How can we support people who want to become entrepreneurs?

How can we help them to acquire competences that are needed to launch successfully small or medium enterprise?

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs is a European Exchange programme that offers to new or future entrepreneurs the opportunity to learn about the entrepreneurial secrets from the experienced entrepreneurs who are running small or medium enterprises in another country participating in this programme.

The period of exchange of experiences takes place at the company of the experienced entrepreneur, who helps the new entrepreneur to acquire skills necessary to run his own proper business. The host entrepreneur has the opportunity to reflect on his activity through new points of view, to establish collaboration with foreign partners and to learn about new markets.

This Tuesday, 5 December, 2017, we organise the second event aimed at new entrepreneurs and students of the fifth grade of the Istituto “Luigi Failla Tedaldi” in Castelbuono to present the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme.

5 December 2017 | @ 9.30

Presentation of  Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs

Auditorio of Superior Institute “Luigi Failla Tedaldi”
Contrada Rosario, 90013, Castelbuono (PA)


The EYE programme is a moment of exchange of knowledge regarding European entrepreneurship planning, the exchange of managerial skills between aspiring entrepreneurs and experienced entrepreneurs from different countries of the European community.

During the event in Castelbuono, a young entrepreneur Luciano Alessandro will be with us. Luciano had participated in an exchange of 4 months with a host entrepreneur Neil Finnie in Exter, United Kingdom. Entrepreneur Luciano will share with us his professional experience and his business idea that he is developing. How better would be able to learn about the benefits to participate in this great programme if not listening directly to the experience of a person who has already participated?

We are thankful to the Municipality of Castelbuono and the Department of Education, social policies and European planning for young people for the invitation and willingness to continue our collaboration.

CESIE is a local contact point that supports new and experienced entrepreneurs in various phases of the EYE programme

Since the program was launched in 2009, 36% of all participating entrepreneurs have launched their own business and manage it successfully!

Realise your entrepreneurial idea, contact us and we will support you through this inspiring journey!

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