Is it possible to turn personal artistic vibes into social development processes?

What role can the creative sector assume in the workforce?

Join us on 14th March 2018 for the final conference of the ArtS project: it will be held in Rome at Fondazione Exclusiva (FEX).

Melting Pro and Fondazione Exclusiva created the event to reflect on:

  • the importance of creative skills for the development of the companies in the sector,
  • the competitiveness of the territories,
  • the revival of employment,
  • the empowerment of young people,
  • the building of open and inclusive communities.

ArtS. Skills for the creative economy is the inspiration for the event, a project promoted with the support of the European Commission within the Erasmus Plus program – Sector Skills Alliance, through which 13 organizations from Greece, Spain and Italy investigated the complex system of training in the panorama the of cultural and creative industries.

We will discuss the value of creativity as a key to understanding and constructing new scenarios, capable of transforming a path of individual growth into a broader process of social development.

The European perspective is the event benefit. European and international experiences cannot be ignored if we want to innovate national and local systems.

The programme includes moments of reflection through the telling of stories and moments of experimentation, that will actively involve young creative people.


Final Conference
ArtS. Skills for the creative economy

14th MARCH 2018 | h. 16.00

FONDAZIONE EXCLUSIVA, Via Giovanni da Castel Bolognese, 81 – Rome


16.00–16.20          Welcome Coffee and registration

16.20–16.30           Welcome and Introduction

Ludovica De Angelis Melting Pro
Giorgia Turchetto Fondazione Exclusiva

 16.3017.45          Strategies, policies and perspectives

Simona Bielli Nesta Italia
Carlo Borgomeo Fondazione con il Sud
Gian Paolo Manzella Regione Lazio
Fabio Mazzeo Fondazione Exclusiva
Florinda Sajeva Farm Cultural Park, SOU
Domenico Sturabotti Fondazione Symbola

Introduces and moderates
Maura Romano Melting Pro

 17.45–18.30          Field experiences: cultural operators’ perspective

Eugenia Ferrara Fondazione Golinelli
Gaetano Giunta Fondazione Comunità di Messina
Paolo Nardi Cometa Formazione
Giorgia Turchetto Fondazione Exclusiva

Introduces and moderates
Francesca Neri Fondazione Exclusiva

 18.30–19.00          ArtS focus: partners’ perspective

Silvia Fanti Fondazione Villa Montesca (Italia)
Katerina Kostakou Eurotraining (Grecia)
Maria Smyrniotaki Swiss Approval (Grecia)

 19.00–19.30          Cultural skills: young creatives’ perspective

Artists’ storytelling. Exclusiva Design’s creative talents and students from the Arts project course, Link University and Exclusiva’s Masterclass will pitch their artistic productions to showcase their educational and professional experiences.

Moderates and Facilitates
Federica Pesce Melting Pro


Participation is fre, enroll by 12th March 2018.

Per ulteriori informazioni, contatta Federica Pesce,

About ArtS

ArtS is a three year Erasmus+ project, which aims at the exploitation of the cultural and Creative Sectors (CCS) potential for creating growth and jobs and at the enhancement of cultural economy at local, regional, national and transnational levels.

The project will cover the following areas:

  1. Craft,
  2. Performing arts (music, dance, theatre),
  3. Cultural Heritage (archives, libraries, museums),
  4. Literary arts (book and press),
  5. Visual arts,
  6. Audiovisual and multimedia.

The partnership holds together 12 organisations:


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